Worlds 2017 Betting Guide – LoL World Championship

lol worlds 2017 betting guide

League of Legends World Championship 2017 will be one of the biggest events in the history of esports. The tournament kicks off September 23 in China and will see several stages being played until the grand final taking place November 4. Take part of this article to find out where to find the best odds for Worlds 2017!

24 teams from following regions will participate across various stages at LoL World Championship 2017: China, Brazil, Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe, Japan, Korea, Latin America North, Latin America South, North America, Oceania, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Macau and Turkey. Just like we saw last year, the MSI results will have an impact on the Worlds 2017 seeding. If you wish to learn more, you can head over to lolesports.

LoL Worlds 2017 recommended betting site

The sportsbook we would recommend for this particular tournament is bet365, where you’ll find a huge selection of LoL Worlds 2017 odds. Bettors from all around the world can bet there, with some exceptions: such as the USA, where online betting, for the most part, is forbidden. Are you located in one of the few states where online gambling is allowed? Then we highly recommend Bovada (US Players only). More League of Legends betting sites can be found here, read our reviews and compare features before you decide where to sign up.

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    League of Legends World Championship 2017 Odds

    Like we mentioned previously in this article, bet365 is where you have the best odds available for Worlds 2017. Current possible bets are: To Win Outright, Region of Winner and Player of the Tournament. Special bets and Match Winner odds will be added as soon as the schedule for the play-in stage has been released.

    To Win Outright

    You can already bet on the team you think will win the whole tournament. As most of you might have predicted, SK Telecom T1, winner of MSI 2017 is favored by bet365 to win Worlds 2017. A bet on SK Telecom T1 will double your money, while a bet on KT Rolster gives you four times your money.

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    Region of Winner

    Which region do you think will come out as the winner of the event? Odds for South Korea is 1.20 while Rest of the World is as high as 4.33.

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    Player of the Tournament

    These type of bets is something we rarely see for esports, so it’s definitely a pleasant surprise. It can be compared to top scorer for football or such. And the players in SKT are of course dominating the list: Faker 6.50, Peanut 8.50, Huni 10.00 and so on. Some serious money can be made thanks to these kinds of odds.

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    Worlds 2017 info

    Last year’s World Championship was held in North America, this year’s series will be held in four different locations throughout China.

    LoL World Championship series 2017 starts 2017-09-23 and ends 2017-11-04.

    Prize pool
    $2,130,000 + Fan contribution

    Location & tournament venue
    Wuhan Sports Center Gymnasium (Play-In & Group Stage)
    Guangzhou Gymnasium (Quarterfinals)
    Shanghai Oriental Sports Center (Semifinals)
    Beijing National Stadium (Final)

    24 teams will participate.
    We’ll see three teams from South Korea, China, North America, Europe and Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau. 1 team from Brazil, Latin America North, Latin America South, Japan, Oceania, Turkey, Southeast Asia and CIS/Russia. And a team from the wildcard region at MSI 2017.

    Play-In Stage
    Round 1 consists of 12 teams – #3 seed from North America, Europe, China and Taiwan/Macau/Hong Kong. And 1 team from Brazil, Latin America South, Latin America North, Oceania, Japan, Turkey, Southeast Asia and CIS/Russia. 4 groups of 3 randomly sorted teams. The format will be double round robin with best of 1 matches where the top 2 teams will go through to the next stage.

    Round 2 – 8 teams where #1 Team is randomly paired up against #2 team. Winners go through to Group Stage.

    Group Stage
    16 teams – 3 teams from South Korea, Number 1 and 2 seeds from North America, China, Europe, Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau. 4 teams from the Play-In Stage and 1 team from the MSI wildcard region. Groups will be drawn live and the format is still double round robin with best of 1 matches. The top two teams from each group will advance to the Knockout Stage.

    Knockout Stage – 8 teams, #1 vs #2 teams from each group will face off. Single elimination bracket in bo5 matches.

    10/19/2017 – 11/04/2017

    South Korea, China, North America, Europe and Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau.
    Brazil, Latin America North, Latin America South, Oceania, Japan, Turkey, Southeast Asia and CIS/Russia.
    One wildcard team from MSI 2017.



    We see a couple of changes heading into this year’s World Championship. LMS will be awarded 3 regionals seeds for Worlds 2017 instead of the 2 seeds they had last year. Korea to skip the Play-In, all 3 seeds will go straight to the Group Stage thanks to their performances in 2015 and 2016. MSI will continue to have an impact on the Worlds 2017 seeds placement. Regions can gain a second seed based on MSI 2017 results.


    The League of Legends World Championship will now have a Play-In Stage before going into the Group Stage. Additional information at the event site.