The teams that will qualify for 2017 LCS Summer Finals

lcs summer split 2017 playoffs

The summer group stages for League of Legends are drawing to a close, and these past weeks many teams have risen in an attempt to qualify for the playoffs. We’ve gone through the last three weeks to see which teams are most likely to qualify for the 2017 LCS Summer Finals. Continue reading to prepare yourself for the final two weeks of LoL Summer Split.

The EU teams fighting for a playoffs spot

With two weeks left most of the teams still have a chance to qualify for the LCS Summer Finals. Two teams that are not among those are Ninjas in Pyjamas and Mysterious Monkeys. Both these teams have had an abysmal season with three won matches between them. Both teams will finish at the bottom of their groups.

The rejuvenated Fnatic have not lost a single match since we last saw them three weeks ago and are currently holding a 9-1 score. Their last matches will be against Roccat, G2, and NiP, so it’s very likely they will qualify for playoffs as the first seed. The new additions to their player roster and the staff is a most definitive success.

G2 are also beginning to return to their old form. For the past weeks, they have grabbed themselves several wins and are now at a 7-3 score or 2nd in their group. These wins were against weaker teams however and they just recently lost to UoL. While G2 will most likely qualify for the playoffs, it will be an uphill fight against the stronger teams.

We previously talked about Splyce and their potential to make a comeback, and they most definitely have. They triumphed over both UoL and Vitality and are now holding the 3rd place in group B. If Splyce keeps this up it’s very likely they will continue to the playoffs.

H2k and Unicorns of Love are currently fighting over the top spot in their group, and both of them have some tough opponents coming up. The very final match of the group stages will also be between H2k and UoL. So it’s very likely that one match could decide who gets the first seed.

Vitality, Misfits, and Roccat are currently in the middle of the pack with Misfits being the only team that is very likely to qualify for playoffs. Both Roccat and Vitality will have to win all their matches and hope Splyce/Misfits lose theirs. With Roccat having some very difficult opponents for the last two weeks it’s highly unlikely they will get into playoffs.

The last week of NA

With only one week left for NA LCS, the six playoff teams are more or less set in stone. This split has been very competitive among the top teams with the first and second seed still up for grabs. This last week will primarily be a battle of seed placement due to the bottom four teams not having any chance to qualify.

Since week five the top 6 have been shuffled around quite a bit, and currently, Team Solomid and Immortals are tied first place. TSM will have to face CLG in their upcoming matches while Immortals will be fighting the much easier EnvyUs and Echo Fox. So it’s quite likely that Immortals will take the first seed, but anything could happen.

Counter Logic Gaming has dropped from 1st to 3rd place since week 5, and they could drop even lower as both DIG and TSM are waiting for them. It doesn’t help that Cloud9 will be playing against two pushover teams – EnvyUs and Echo Fox. CLG will most likely be finishing 4th unless they step up during week 9.

Team Dignitas is tied 4th place with C9 right now, and EnvyUs are trailing behind them at the 6th placement (There is no 5th placement right now due to how the score works). We’ve talked about how Dignitas have the potential to fight at the top, and they proved this by beating TSM not once, but twice. Dignitas could take a 3-4th spot and are guaranteed to continue to the playoffs.

EU standings week 8

Group A
Fnatic 9-1
G2 Esports 7-3
Misfits 5-5
Roccat 3-7
Ninjas in Pyjamas 1-10

Group B
H2k-Gaming 7-3
Unicorns of Love 7-3
Splyce 6-4
Vitality 4-6
Mysterious Monkeys 2-9

NA standings week 8

1. Team Solomid 12-4
1. Immortals 12-4
3. Counter Logic Gaming 11-5
4. Cloud9 10-6
4. Team Dignitas 10-6
6. Team EnvyUs 8-8
7. Echo Fox 5-11
8. FlyQuest eSports 4-12
8. Phoenix1 4-12
8. Team Liquid 4-12