Summer Split 2019 Preview

LoL Summer Splits 2019 Preview

After an incredible couple of weeks at MSI (Mid-Season Invitational), teams will be settling in and preparing for the upcoming summer splits.

Key Dates

It’s important to note that not all the leagues’ kick-off at the same time and they will run for different durations as well. Below you can find the starting dates for each summer split:

NA LCS – June 1st  LEC – June 7th

LST – June 7th  LCK – June 5th

CBLOL – June 1st  OPL – June 7th

LMS – June 14th  LPL – June 1st

LJL – June 15th  TCL – June 8th

LLA – June 8th  VCS – June 13th

LCL – July 6th

With how successful North America and Europe were at MSI, we are sure to see some tasty competition in their respective regions. Summer splits are the last major opportunity to earn seeding for Worlds at the end of the season.


This past spring split saw the inaugural season of the European franchised League of Legends league. G2 were victorious and continued this success into MSI, where they eventually won the tournament in a grand final against Liquid.

They are well and truly now the team to beat. With Fnatic hungry to reclaim their throne in Europe and Origen trying to squeeze their way in, we could be in for yet another fantastic European season.

I think it’s fair to say that G2 are performing at the peak, with Caps looking stellar in the mid-lane. Caps was potentially the best signing any team made in the off-season.


Team Liquid arrives back on home soil after finally putting performances together on International turf. However, they were embarrassed in the grand finals and will be wanting to bounce back from this as soon as possible.

Last season Liquid won both the Spring and Summer Split. Already having won the 2019 Spring Split, they will be looking to pull off the double once more.

TSM and Cloud9 are likely to be their biggest competition. This was evident in the spring playoffs. However, we should keep an eye out on the likes of FlyQuest who have gradually been improving and causing some upsets.

Many eyes will be focused on the 100 Thieves roster once again this season. After they secured Huhi and Bang heading into Spring split, they were expected to be a top team. However, ended up placing dead last and making more changes.