Official LVP UK Teams Confirmed

LVP UK Teams Confirmed

The wait is finally over, after the application process that happened in early November, the LVP (League of Videogames Professionals) and Riot have selected and announced the teams that will be playing in the first official UK League of Legends League.

To many people’s surprise, only 9 teams have been confirmed for the UK League, which goes against the standard format of 10 teams in each franchised league. LVP have mentioned on Twitter that they will explain the decision to have just 9 teams participating in the league, although we will have to wait until January 23rd to find this out on the official reveal stream.

Numerous teams applied for this prestigious spot, however, most of those that got declined opted to stay private about. Thus far only Nuclear Storm Gaming and Newcastle Jaguars have publicly commented on their failed applications and have wished those that got accepted the best of luck.

The confirmed teams that will be competing in the 2019 Spring Split are:

  • MnM Gaming
  • exceL Esports
  • Enclave Gaming
  • Barrage
  • Phelan Gaming
  • Bulldog Esports
  • Diabolus Esports
  • DarkSpawn Gaming

It will be a hard pill to swallow for Nuclear Storm Gaming. Earlier this year they acquired the most dominant team in Ireland that were unbeaten at Irish events for two years. However, at the most recent event, Dublin Games Fest, Phelan Gaming ended their unbeaten streak and were also accepted into the UK League.

Fans should note that FNATIC and exceL will most likely be fielding Academy teams in this league and their main teams will be competing in the LEC (previously known as EU LCS) this upcoming season. We can’t imagine Riot allowing them to have the same roster competing in both as it will be a conflict of interest.

We’re excited to see how this league shakes up the environment and business potential within UK Esports, specifically how the League of Legends community develops.