Leauge of Legends Worlds Group Stage Day 5 Preview

The first half of group stages at the biggest event of the year have come to an end. There are 4 days left of group stage action and each day is dedicated to a group. On Day 5, the teams from Group B will play a total of 3 games each, playing each other once more.

How the groups are shaping up

Group A

1stG2 Esports3-0
4thHong Kong Attitude0-3

Group B

1stFunPlus Phoenix2-1
2ndJ Team2-1
3rdGAM Esports1-2

 Group C

1stSK Telecom T13-0
2ndRoyal Never Give Up2-1
4thClutch Gaming0-3

 Group D

1stDAMWON Gaming2-1
2ndInvictus Gaming2-1
3rdTeam Liquid2-1
4thAhq e-Sports club0-3

Day 5 Action

At this point, every team in the group has played each other once. Tomorrow will likely be the most intense day of action for each team at this event. It is well and truly do or die now, with this being everyone’s last chance to make it through to playoffs. Below you can find every game and our prediction for it.

GAM Esports vs. FunPlus Phoenix

In the previous match, FunPlus Phoenix came out on top after having a slow start to the tournament. Coming into the event everyone expected them to win the group comfortably and although they’re currently 2-1, this could soon change. GAM are known for stirring the pot and causing an upset to kick the day off could really shake things up.

Prediction: Unusual draft but FunPlus come out on top

J Team vs. Splyce

So far Splyce has only managed to pick up the one win on home soil. With that win coming over GAM, which wasn’t much surprise, their tournament hopes are well and truly hanging by a thread. On the flipside, J Team had a positive start to the tournament and will be fighting for the top spot in the group.

Prediction: J Team pick up a relatively easy win

GAM Esports vs. J Team

I have a feeling this match will be one of the most entertaining ones to watch. It just has a feeling of a weird draft and exquisite gameplay from both teams. At this point, GAM could be playing for their tournament survival.

Prediction: J Team stay hot and grab another victory

Splyce vs. FunPlus Phoenix

I would love to have some optimism for the European roster but I think they are well and truly outmatched in this game. FunPlus will be in full stride at this point and hoping to secure first place in the group.

Prediction: Splyce’s Worlds hopes come falling down here with a defeat

Splyce vs. GAM Esports

Coming off the devasting loss to FunPlus just before this series and their tournament hopes being crushed, I think Splyce bounce back and ends things on a positive note. As is stands the only win Splyce have is against GAM and I believe they’ll pick up their 2nd win of the tournament here.

Prediction: Spylce win and end GAM’s ambitions

FunPlus Phoenix vs. J Team

There is a reason this one has been left to end the day. It will likely be the massive battle to determine who comes out on top in Group B. J Team had a dominant performance against FPX in the opening game but FPX has picked things up since.

Prediction: I believe J Team cause the upset and defeat FPX, topping Group B.