League of Legends shuffles heading into LCS Split 2018

lol lcs 2018

Here’s a closer look at the roster shuffles heading into LCS 2018. These roster moves have been sourced from several different news outlets and reporters.

Current rosters:

North America:

Team SoloMid
Hauntzer(top), MikeYeung(jungle), Bjergsen(mid), Zven(adc), Mithy(support)

Licorice(top), Svenskeren/Wiggily(jungle), Jensen/Selfie (mid), Sneaky(adc), Smoothie(support)

Counter Logic Gaming
Darshan(top), Reignover(jungle), Huhi(mid), Stixxay(adc), Biofrost(support)

Team Liquid
Impact(top), Xmithie(jungle), Pobelter/Goldenglue/Mickey(mid), Cody Sun/Doublelift(adc), Olleh(support)

Echo Fox
Huni(top), Dardoch(jungle), Fenix(mid), Altec(adc), Adrian(support)

Flame(top), AnDa(jungle), Fly(mid), WildTurtle(adc), Stunt(support)

Clutch Gaming
Solo (top), LirA (jungle), Febiven (mid), Apollo (adc), Hakuho (support)

100 Thieves
Ssumday (top), Meteos (jungle), Ryu (mid), Cody Sun (adc), Aphromoo (support)

Golden Guardians
Lourlo (top), Contractz (jungle), Hai (mid), Deftly (adc), Matt (support)

OpTic Gaming
Zig (top), Akaadian (jungle), PowerOfEvil (mid), Arrow (adc), LemonNation (support)


G2 Esports
Wunder (top), x (jungle), Perkz (mid), Hjarnan (adc), Wadid (support)

Odoamne (top), Xerxe (jungle), Nisqy (mid), Kobbe (adc), KaSing (support)

Giants Gaming
x (top), x (jungle), x (mid), Minitroupax (adc), x (support)

SmittyJ (top), Santorin (jungle), Caedrel (mid), Sheriff (adc), sprattel (support)

sOAZ (top), Broxah (jungle), Caps (mid), Rekkles (adc), Hylissang (support)

Unicorns of Love
x (top), x (jungle), Exileh (mid), Samux (adc), x (support)

Team Vitality
x (top), x (jungle), x (mid), x (adc), x (support)

Schalke 04
Vizicsacsi (top), Pridestalker (jungle), Nukeduck (mid), Upset (adc), Vander (support)

Profit (top), Memento (jungle), Blanc (mid), HeaQ (adc), Norskeren (support)

Alphari (top), Maxlore (jungle), Sencux (mid), Hans Sama (adc), Mikyx (support)


ROX Tigers
Lindarang (top), Mightybear/SeongHwan (jungle), Crow/Lava (mid), Sangyoon (adc), Key (support)

SK Telecom T1
Untara (top), Blank (jungle), Faker (mid), Bang (adc), Wolf/Effort (support)

KT Rolster
Smeb/Rush (top), Score (jungle), Pawn/Ucal (mid), Deft (adc), Mata (support)

Samsung Galaxy
CuVee (top), Ambition (jungle), Crown (mid), Ruler (adc), CoreJJ (support)

Afreeca Freecs
x (top), Spirit (jungle), KurO (mid), Kkramer (adc), TusiN (support)

x (top), x (jungle), x (mid), x (adc), x (support)

Jin Air Green Wings
SoHwan (top), x (jungle), x (mid), Teddy (adc), x (support)

Khan (top), Peanut/Cuzz (jungle), BDD (mid), PraY (adc), GorillA (support)

Bbq Olivers
x (top), x (jungle), x (mid), x (adc), x (support)

Kongdoo Monsters
x (top), x (jungle), x (mid), x (adc), x (support)