League of Legends 2017 LCS Summer Finals – Betting & Tips

lcs summer finals 2017

A summer packed with League of Legends action will culminate the next three weeks at the LCS Summer Finals 2017. The best teams in EU and NA will be battling it out in their respective regions for a spot at the prestigious LoL Worlds 2017. Continue reading for valuable information that will help your real money betting on LoL!

2017 LCS Summer Playoffs information


Date: 19/08/2017 – 03/09/2017
Location: AccorHotels Arena, Paris
Format: Best of 5
Odds and betting sites
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Number of teams: 6
Ticket info


Date: 19/08/2017 – 03/09/2017
Location: TD Garden, Boston
Format: Best of 5
Odds and betting sites
Betting tips
Number of teams: 6
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2017 LCS Summer Finals betting sites & odds

Plenty of betting sites will offer odds for one of the autumn’s biggest esports tournaments. With so many sportsbooks it’s easy to get lost and separate the good bookies from the bad ones. Luckily for you, we’ve delved into the esports betting industry and found the most trustworthy LCS Summer Finals 2017 betting sites.

Two betting sites that stand out from the rest right now are Bet365 and Betway. Both of these sportsbooks take esports just as seriously as regular sports. You’ll get access to the most competitive odds and other exciting features like live betting on LoL. New customers also receive generous welcome bonuses that will help accelerate your betting on League of Legends.

Bet365 gambling markets

Since the bracket is set already, you can start betting on a plethora of odds. League of Legends is a game with many unique gameplay elements which is why there is a mind blowing 23 different markets to choose between, among these, we find classics like first blood, the winner (2-ways) and first baron kill.

bet365 lcs summer playoffs 2017

LCS Summer 2017 winner odds

Bet365 and Betway have put up their winner odds for the NA and EU LCS Summer Playoffs 2017, and you can bet on them right now.

lcs summer 2017 playoffs odds


na lcs summer playoffs 2017 odds

Keep in mind that the odds may have changed since the article was published.

LCS Summer 2017 live odds

Live betting, also known as in-play betting, allow you to bet during a match. So if you’re unsure if you want to bet on G2 or Splyce, you can watch the first few games and make a much safer bet. Is G2 making a comeback? Place your bet, and your chances of winning are much higher than if you had placed a regular bet. Of course, the odds always change as the match is progressing so you can’t be too slow.

Both Bet365 and Betway offer live betting for League of Legends. The available markets can vary but are often winner (2-ways) and even/odd number of kills. Betway calls their live betting in-play betting and can be found under their esports tab. Bet365 have their live odds in the top right corner of their esports section.

Betting tips

The quarterfinals winner odds already has clear favorites, but there are plenty of different markets too. You’ve probably seen odds for first blood, first baron and much more. If you haven’t analyzed every LCS match, it can be hard to know which teams that are favorites. We’ve collected statistics about the different teams that will help you pick the winning odds.

Team to score the most kills

The winner of a match almost always has the most kills. So instead of playing on the winner odds, you can play on most kills. The odds are usually better with a higher payout, and the risk is only slightly higher.

Team to draw first blood

Fnatic has a 74% first blood rate which is 8% higher than the next team in both EU and NA. TSM, one of the top teams, has only a 41% first blood rate. In other words, playing on the favorite doesn’t guarantee you a win.

Misfits (57%) vs UoL (31%)
G2 (42%) vs Splyce (33%)
Cloud9 (40%) vs Dignitas (41%)
CLG (59%) vs EnvyUs (51%)
Fnatic (74%) vs TBA
H2k (65%) vs TBA
Immortals (60%) vs TBA
TSM (41%) vs TBA

Team to destroy the first tower

Things are a bit more even here, but TSM sticks out with their 39% first tower rate. G2 has a 15% advantage over Splyce while the rest only have a few % of them.

Misfits (43%) vs UoL (47%)
G2 (71%) vs Splyce (56%)
Cloud9 (51%) vs Dignitas (51%)
CLG (46%) vs EnvyUs (49%)
Fnatic (52%) vs TBA
H2k (62%) vs TBA
Immortals (58%) vs TBA
TSM (39%) vs TBA

Team to slay the first baron

The team that slays the first baron is usually the one that is winning since the losing team rarely get the opportunity to kill him. We can see that G2 and Misfits play a bit safer and will often kill baron to help secure their last push.

Misfits (64%) vs UoL (53%)
G2 (61%) vs Splyce (46%)
Cloud9 (58%) vs Dignitas (59%)
CLG (58%) vs EnvyUs (44%)
Fnatic (72%) vs TBA
H2k (68%) vs TBA
Immortals (64%) vs TBA
TSM (59%) vs TBA

Team to slay the first dragon

Unlike baron, the dragon can be killed much earlier in the game before one team has a significant advantage.

Misfits (63%) vs UoL (50%)
G2 (65%) vs Splyce (30%)
Cloud9 (60%) vs Dignitas (51%)
CLG (43%) vs EnvyUs (38%)
Fnatic (70%) vs TBA
H2k (65%) vs TBA
Immortals (64%) vs TBA
TSM (66%) vs TBA

LCS Summer Finals 2017 teams

12 teams have qualified for the LCS Summer 2017 Playoffs, and 4 of these have claimed the highest seed. Highest seed means you skip the quarterfinals and start directly in the semis which is a massive advantage. This season has given us a few surprises like Dignitas, EnvyUS, Immortals and of course Fnatic. The EU and NA playoffs are separate, and the two regions will not be meeting each other.


After a string of mediocre results, it appears Fnatic is finally back on track with a chance to take home the championship. Fnatic has only lost two matches during the group stage, and they were, a bit unexpectedly, against Roccat and NiP. Neither of those teams qualified for the playoffs which can only be a good thing for Fnatic. While Fnatic is the favorites in the EU LCS, it’s not on the same level as TSM in NA LCS. G2, UoL, and H2k all have a very real chance to defeat FNC.

Few teams have been able to produce such consistent results as H2k. For the past few years, they have collected a slew of 3rd and 4th placements. H2k did perform extraordinarily well during the group stage, but we’ve seen this before. A look at their previous LCS Playoffs results paints a picture where H2k are unlikely to survive the semifinals.

Unicorns of Love
UoL has been one of Europe’s premier teams for the past twelve months, and despite a so-so group stage, things are looking bright for them. Their foremost rival G2 Esports has underperformed by quite a bit and is also starting on the other side of the bracket. UoL will be facing Misfits and H2k on their road to the finals. UoL could very well take home the trophy this year.

G2 Esports
G2 have had three consecutive LCS wins, but by the looks of things, there won’t be a 4th. We haven’t seen G2 perform this poorly ever before. This will be their first split where they did not take the first seed. G2’s first opponent will be Splyce, who has huge potential and could cause an upset. But in the semifinals, a much harder opponent awaits them – Fnatic. Many still believe G2 will improve and take home another trophy, but it certainly doesn’t seem very likely.

Misfits is a fairly new team to the LCS with only one previous split in their baggage where they finished 4th. Misfits still perform quite well for a new team, but not well enough to survive the quarterfinals. Their opponent UoL will most likely make quick work of them, and Misfits will have to settle with having survived the group stages.

Splyce came in as an underdog in 2016 and caused one upset after another and eventually reached the 2016 Summer Split finals. They have been unable to repeat this success during 2017. Splyce has still shown that they are capable of defeating the top teams of EU during the group stages. All Splyce needs to do is perform a little bit better, and they may just be able to take down G2.

North America

Team Solomid
The favorites Team Solomid has once again impressed us by taking the first seed. TSM already have countless trophies from previous LCS victories, and by the looks of it, they will soon add another. Their most famous player Bjergsen is extremely talented and is unstoppable in NA. TSM does have weaknesses, but they are rarely exploited in regional tournaments.

Immortals had a mediocre spring split, but have since then gotten their act together and claimed 2nd seed. However, Immortals are known for performing well in the group stages and then having a complete meltdown in the playoffs. IMT will start in the semifinals, so only a single best-of-5 stands between them and their first final.

Counter Logic Gaming
It’s been over a year since CLG was the foremost western team after almost winning the MSI where they lost to SKT1. Much has happened since then, and CLG is not quite as impressive these days. CLG’s first opponent will be EnvyUs which should be a cakewalk for them. Their opponent in the semifinals will be IMT who are a better team but are known for choking in playoffs.

Cloud9 is together with TSM one of the more famous League of Legends teams. C9 have met their arch-rivals TSM in many finals, and they are known for their exciting matches. Cloud9’s first opponent will be Team Dignitas and will most likely win. In the semifinals TSM will be waiting, a team that C9 has been unable to defeat for over three years.

Team Dignitas
Team Dignitas have surprised us this split and survived the group stage. Dignitas face Cloud9 in the quarterfinals which no doubt will be a tough match for them. They lost both their matches against C9 in the group stages, so it’s not looking too good for them. Dignitas wouldn’t have been here if they didn’t cause a few upsets so maybe they’ll shock us again.

Team Envyus
When teams like Phoenix1, Echo Fox, and FlyQuest underwent a complete meltdown, EnvyUs seized the opportunity. EnvyUs have historically played poorly in both groups and playoffs. With CLG awaiting them this trend will probably continue.

LCS Summer Finals 2017 tickets

The LCS Finals 2017 is one of the hottest esports events of the year, but there are still tickets available. The information you find here is for the last two days of the LCS Summer Finals, 2nd and 3rd September. If you want tickets for the quarter and semi finals, please visit https://www.eventbrite.com/o/riot-games-ltd-6644531401.

North America

Where can I buy tickets for NA LCS Summer Finals 2017?

The tickets are already out and can be found at http://www.ticketmaster.com/North-America-League-of-Legends-Championship-tickets/artist/2386965

How much does a ticket cost?

P1 Floor Seats – $85
P2 Lower bowl, long side of arena – $65
P3 Low bowl, short side of arena – $50
P4 Upper bowl – $35

How many tickets am I allowed to buy?

You can buy a maximum of 6 tickets per transaction.

When does the arena open?

Around 03:00 PM EST

Is there Wi-Fi?

The TD Garden offers full wifi coverage across the entire arena.


Where can I buy tickets for NA LCS Summer Finals 2017?

Purchase your tickets at AccorHotels Arenas website: https://www.accorhotelsarena.com/en/sports-in-Paris/2017-eu-summer-finals-paris.

How much does a ticket cost?

3rd Place Match Bleacher – 20€
3rd Place Match Floor – 25€
Final Match Bleacher – 25€
Final Match Floor – 30€

How many tickets am I allowed to buy?

You can buy a maximum of 6 tickets per transaction.

When does the arena open?

15:00 CEST, 2 hours before the event begins.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes. The AccorHotels Arena has high-density wi-fi in the entire venue.


The LCS Summer Finals 2017 can be streamed for free on both Twitch and Youtube in several languages. There will only be one match streamed at a time, so you don’t need multiple streams open.




The LCS Summer Finals 2017 will be played every weekend for the next three weeks. Each day starts 17:00 CEST / 11:00 EST / 08:00 PDT. Each day will feature one match from EU and one from NA.


UoL vs Misfits – 19/08/2017 – 17:00 CEST
G2 Esports vs Splyce
– 20/08/2017 – 17:00 CEST
Fnatic vs TBA – 26/08/2017 – 17:00 CES
H2k vs TBA – 27/08/2017 – 17:00 CEST

3rd Place Match – 02/09/2017 – 17:00 CEST

Final – 03/09/2017 – 17:00 CES


Cloud9 vs Team Dignitas – 19/08/2017 – 12:00 PDT
CLG vs EnvyUs 
 20/08/2017 – 12:00 PDT
Immortals vs TBA – 26/08/2017 – 12:00 PDT
TSM vs TBA – 27/08/2017 – 12:00 PDT

Third Place Match – 02/09/2017 – 12:00 PDT

Final – 03/09/2017 – 12:00 PDT