LCS Spring Split 2017 Finals Preview

lcs spring split 2017 finals

We’ve finally reached the end of the LCS Spring Split 2017, and now the eight best teams in the west will clash. The finals will be played in Barclaycard Arena, Birmingham and Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver. A total of 4 best-of-5 matches will be played so there will be plenty of League of Legends to bet on. If you take your betting on LoL seriously, you do not want to miss this event.

Last week we saw G2 and Unicorns of Love advance to the finals, these two teams have previously met in the playoffs, and UoL lost 1-3 that time. For UoL this will be a chance to redeem themselves and dethrone the king of EU. Fnatic, unfortunately, did not make it past the semifinals as they lost to G2, but they’ll be playing the 3rd place decider against Misfits.

NA LCS offers us a classic Team Solomid vs. Cloud9 final which we saw last summer during the playoffs. Team Solomid won that one, so Cloud9 are probably eager to claim this final, but it won’t be easy as they are facing the best team in NA. The 3rd place match will be Phoenix1 vs. Flyquest, a bit unexpected perhaps as many expected P1 in the finals.

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Fnatic vs. Misfits

Considering how awful Fnatic played during the group stage ending up in the 3rd place decider match isn’t too shabby. Both Misfits and Fnatic lost their semifinals 1-3, but during the quarterfinals, Misfits struggled significantly more. Assuming Fnatic’s moral is still high after their earlier loss, they’ll win this one.

Odds: bet365 1.83  | Betway 2.00

G2 Esports vs. Unicorns of Love

G2 have been crushing their way through EU LCS for the past two years, and by the looks of it, this will not change any time soon. G2 have looked a bit shaky during their last few matches, but they have still won decisively. UoL has also played well, but not well enough to stop G2, at least we don’t think so. G2 should take this one home, but UoL does have a realistic chance at winning this.

Odds: bet365 1.40 | Betway 1.40


FlyQuest eSports vs. Phoenix1

Both Flyquest and P1 performed under expectations during the semifinals as neither team won a single game. Both teams used the same strategies that they did during the quarterfinals and got countered heavily. We’ll probably see something similar during this match, and it could go either way depending on how well their key players do. P1 are however more talented, and if they change things up just a little bit, they should win.

Odds: bet365 1.40 | Betway 1.50


Team Solomid vs. Cloud9

TSM vs. Cloud9 is a viewer favorite that rarely disappoints, just look at the countless times they’ve met before. This time the teams are a bit different, but still quite similar in that we have two extremely talented teams that are both able to adapt. Since 2015 Cloud9 has lost every single playoff match against TSM which obviously doesn’t paint a pretty picture for C9 in the finals. C9 does have a very different team though so you shouldn’t look into previous results too much. That said, TSM are still clear favorites, and we expect them to win this one

Odds: bet365 1.72 | Betway 1.65.