LCS Playoffs Semi-Finals Recap

LCS 2019 Summer Split Playoffs - Semi Finals Recap

After an exciting round of quarter-finals, it was time to head over to the semi-final stage of the LCS 2019 Summer Split Playoffs. At the start of the split, two of these teams would have been predicted to be here, the others not so much.

Semi-Final #1 – Cloud9 vs CLG

Cloud9 defeated CLG just two weeks prior to this matchup during a tiebreaker match. That match decided who received a bye into the semi-final. With CLG losing they had to face off against OpTic in the quarter-final, but they took that series comfortably 3-0.

There’s always a debate in regards to who has the most advantage in these types of games. On one hand, Cloud9 are rested with the week off and got to watch and study their eventual opponents for longer. Meanwhile, on the other hand, CLG are coming off the back of a good win and surely have some momentum.

Well, whatever momentum they had was quickly brought to an end. Cloud9 quickly found themselves up 2-0 before CLG managed to fight back and take a map off them. It was easy enough was Cloud9 to regain however and they closed the series out 3-1 to advance to the grand final.

Semi-Final #2 – Team Liquid vs Clutch Gaming

Making playoffs was a great achievement for Clutch Gaming after how poor they had looked at points throughout both Spring and Summer Split. They managed to edge their way into playoffs during the last week of matches, avoiding tiebreakers along the way. Clutch even kept the momentum going with a 3-1 win over TSM in the quarter-finals.

However, they were now facing the best team in North America. Team Liquid have been dominant since the LCS franchised, winning 3/3 split playoffs so far and looking to make it a fourth.

Many thought Liquid would steamroll this series but that wouldn’t be the case. It was a back and forth series we each team trading blows. It went down to the final map. Liquid managed to come out on top after some amazing draft picks and team chemistry. Credit needs to be given to the Clutch roster for fighting their way into playoff contention and taking Liquid all the way.

Grand Finals Preview

Team Liquid and Cloud9 will face off against each other once more in the LCS 2019 Summer Split Playoff Finals. These two teams have had some great battles over the past year or so and this is going to continue. The two meet in Detroit on Sunday 25th August, you won’t want to miss this.