FlyQuest vs Optic Gaming

FlyQuest vs Optic Gaming NA LCS Summer Split 2019 Week 2

Match: FlyQuest vs Optic Gaming (NA LCS Summer Split 2019) | Format: Best of 1 | Prediction: FlyQuest to win | Odds: 1.95 | Bookmaker: Betway | Match start: 2019-06-10 00:00 BST

It’s been an interesting start to the split for both FlyQuest and Optic. Last split FlyQuest showed their potential by once again securing playoffs. Many thought the time in the off season would help them develop and become even stronger. On the flip side, Optic had a split to forget and are hoping to build a resurgence over summer.


An 0-2 start after the first week of action is definitely not what they wanted to see or expected. To be fair, their opening match was against Cloud9 who went into the matchup as obvious favourites. Their second match was against Golden Guardians, a team they have gotten the better off many times in the past. However, this time around they fell short.

When we look at the fact both teams FlyQuest lost to, Cloud 9 and Golden Guardians, are two of the three teams that finished Week 1 with a 2-0 record, it can be tough criticism considering their opposition.

Unfortunately for FlyQuest, their next match is up against Optic who are the third and final team holding a 2-0 record after the opening week of action.

Optic Gaming

I’m sure the entire Optic gaming players and staff are thrilled about the start they have made this split. After a poor 2018 season and a really rough start in their Spring 2019 Split, it really became an all or nothing situation for Optic.

This is their fourth split in the NA LCS and they haven’t managed to secure playoffs in any yet. They will certainly be hoping that they can correct this during summer. Optic are one of the biggest Esports organisations in the world right now so it’s only fitting that their League of Legends team performs at that level.

Side note, there’s a lot of controversy over the future of Optic Gaming at the moment as Infinite are selling their shares in the company so in the coming weeks we could see a real mix up in the organisation.


Despite the record differences, I’m going to back FlyQuest in this matchup. You can get 1.95 odds of FlyQuest winning this game. The records after Week 1 aren’t a true representation of each team’s quality. Whilst FlyQuest lost to two of the better teams in the league, Optic pulled off wins against weaker opposition; 100 Thieves and Clutch Gaming.