The Exciting Growth of eSports

The fairly new phenomenon eSports is on everybody’s lips. eSports has gone from being kids playing competitive games in their basement to a soon to be a billion-dollar industry. Everyone wants a piece of eSports, basketball legends, huge corporates, football clubs and the list of investors goes on and on. Another aspect that is contributing to the growth of eSports is gambling.

Famous eSports investors

Loads of rich sports celebrities have already invested in the fastest growing sport in the world. Two of them are the former NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal and baseball player Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez. With sports icons investing in eSports and promoting it, we should see an increase of audience. Shaq even sent a tweet to his 12 million followers cheering on his League of Legends boys, which is huge for the eSports scene.

shaq esports tweet

Some of the biggest football clubs in the worlds are also making sure to get their pieces of the very lucrative eSports industry. Valencia CF and FC Schalke 04 are two teams that have acquired League of Legends teams. And surely more clubs will follow their lead, the future of eSports is looking really bright.

Gambling drives viewership up

It’s a fact that skins betting on eSports matches add excitement, sports betting has been a thing for a long time. There have, however, been a lot of fuss about eSports gambling lately, particularly CSGO skins. Valve recently banned several CSGO skins gambling sites. We should see an increase of real money bets on eSports due to the skins ban. Luckily plenty of eSports betting companies offer fully legal wagering on eSports games, with an 18+ age restriction of course.