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In-depth League of Legends Betting Strategy

There are plenty of sportsbooks that allow betting on League of Legends and other eSports. With so many sportsbooks and new ones popping up every month, it can be hard to know which to trust. Here at, we only list the best eSports betting sites.

When looking for a sportsbook, there are a few aspects you should pay attention to; how big the welcome bonus is, deposit methods available and if your country is allowed. Below we have listed two sportsbooks that we can highly recommend. Please note that the welcome bonus may differ depending on where you’re located.

How to Build a Betting Bank

build bank LoLPlayers have to manage their money well and not spend it all on a single bet and potentially losing everything. Maybe you’ve seen some tempting odds or are sure that a particular team will win a match. Remember that there are no safe bets and to never bet an amount you aren’t comfortable with losing.

Before you choose a sportsbook and start your betting career, you should ask yourself the following; how much am I willing to lose per month? What amount of money am I comfortable with losing on a bet? Is betting just a fun hobby for me or something bigger? It’s especially important that you set up a monthly budget and keep track of how much money you are winning/losing.

Wagering the Right Amount

Now, to get a betting bank going, you obviously need to deposit money. That’s where the starting bonuses are useful and depending on the sportsbook you can get a fairly large bank. After you’ve deposit money you can finally start to bet on odds, but how much should you bet? Whether you deposit £30 or £300, you should always bet a % of that bank. We recommend sticking to between 2-5% of your bank per bet. That way it’s very hard to go bankrupt since you aren’t betting a flat amount every time.

Money Management Examples

We’ll give you an example to make it easier to understand. Let’s say you have £100 in your bank and you now bet 5% of that and lose. That’s £5 you’ve wagered and lost; you now have £95 left in your bank. Let’s make another bet, also 5%; this means we are now betting £4.75 and not £5. If you keep losing, you will bet smaller and smaller amounts and vice versa if you are winning. That way going bankrupt will be difficult. It’s vital that you never try to win back lost money by making larger bets. Stick to the 2-5% at all times. If you still decide to make a bigger bet. Ask yourself if you’re willing to lose this amount of money and potentially reset your bank?

While this strategy might seem slow, it will earn you more money in the long run. And after a few months, you’ll see how much your bank has grown. Now you have to bet on the winning odds for your bank to increase. Knowing which team or particular bet to pick is something we will get into details later on.

Basic Understanding of League of Legends Odds

Odds aren’t too hard to understand, and we’ll explain to you what the different numbers mean. In short: Higher odds means larger payout, but also a large risk of losing. Low odds gives you small payouts, but a higher chance of winning. As an example let’s say we have Team A and Team B meeting each other. Team A has 1.10 in odds while Team B has 2.00. Team A are considered the favorites in this matchup with most betting players choosing them. Betting on Team A (1.10) and winning will give you a payout of  £11. If you bet on Team B (2.00) and win, you will receive £20 back.

Most sportsbooks allow you to calculate quickly how much your total return will be on the betting page. Odds can fluctuate wildly, and you’ll often see them go way above 2.00, but never below 1.00. Remember that higher odds mean a higher chance of losing. If you follow our percentage strategy, you can afford to make these risky bets at times for the huge potential payout.

How to Become a Winning Bettor

winning player League of Legends You must stay updated on the League of Legends scene if you want to win and earn money. View the latest results, roster changes, match history, upcoming tournaments and so on. For this, we recommend,, and The Score Esports. Lastly, you should, of course, watch League of Legends tournaments, you can do this on from Thursday to Sunday.

Popular Regions

League of Legends has several different leagues in various areas. NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK (Korea), LPL (China), LMS (Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau), and several different ones in Southeast Asia. NA, EU, and LPL also have a challenger league where lesser teams are fighting for a spot in the next LCS/LPL split. These different regions vary quite a bit concerning gameplay and strategy. We recommend focusing on NA and EU LCS for beginners. The teams in each region only meet each other at the Mid-Season Invitational and Worlds.

League of Legends Format

It’s important to know the format of the match. They are either Best of 1, Best of 2, Best of 3, or Best of 5. The EU LCS uses the Bo2 format, while NA uses Bo3; which only applies to the group stage. Playoffs are always Bo5. Best of 1 is always interesting to bet on since it has the highest chance of upsets among the formats. Unfortunately, most regions have gotten rid of it. Best of 2 gives you the option to bet on a draw, so you’ll have three different odds available. Bo3 and Bo5 are the safest ones to bet on as the better team often wins them, especially when it comes to Bo5. At the start of the LCS split, knowing which that team is better, can be difficult. We urge you to watch recent matches and check the latest results to get a better understanding.

A lot of sites offer individual bets like which team will destroy the first inhibitor, get first blood, kill the most barons, etc. Read up on teams, not just to know if they are better than others, but what their playstyle is if they like to push early or play defensive. So, if you’re not sure which team that will win you can always place a bet on something you are surer of, like who will get first blood.

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