The best teams of LCS Summer Split 2017 so far

lcs summer split 2017

After five weeks of LCS, we can finally see which teams that are emerging as the new titans of their respective regions. While some of the teams have performed as expected, we’ve also seen several unexpected teams rise. This might be the most exciting LCS split yet, and it’s a perfect time to start watching and betting on League of Legends!

Fnatic’s currently the number one team in Europe after several disappointing split the past two years. Fnatic used to be the behemoth both in EU and internationally, and hopefully, they’ll keep their current performance throughout the split. Fnatic isn’t the only ones performing well, however, and they are only a few points away from dropping to 2nd place.

Unicorns of Love impressed us last split when they fought all the way to the grand finals and lost to an even more impressive G2. UoL is looking to repeat their success from the spring split and this time winning the gold trophy. With G2 being in very bad form, UoL could very well succeed them as the next champion of EU LCS.

H2k-Gaming is one of those teams that show very consistent results, and since 2015 they have almost exclusively ended their run at either a 3rd or 4th placement in the playoffs. They do always play well in the group stages and qualify for the playoffs. Despite many roster changes, this curse has followed them for three years now. Perhaps this split will finally be the one where H2k gets to play in the finals.

Counter Logic Gaming is back in their 2016 form and currently, sit on the top among the ten competitors. They have lost their matches against both TSM and Immortals, but have scored a victory against Cloud9 and shown a consistent performance against every other team. It remains to be seen how CLG will fare the next few weeks and if they can overcome the IMT and Team Solomid.

Team Solomid has also performed admirably which is to be expected from a team that is known for their many LCS trophies. They currently share 2nd place with IMT and have lost one match against Cloud9 and, a bit unexpectedly, against Team Dignitas. TSM have looked a bit shaky, partly due to recent roster changes. Nonetheless, TSM is still the favorite among experts to win NA LCS.

Immortals are known for their impressive group stage performances followed by a not-so-impressive playoffs performance. This split we’re once again seeing them perform superbly during the group stage and they are currently tied for the 2nd place with TSM. The question is if they can transfer their current performance to the playoffs.

Of course, not all teams are doing well in the current LCS with many of last split’s favorites having fallen short. Phoenix1 and Echo Fox, who were two of our betting favorites last split, have both shown less-than-stellar results. We’re hoping they can pull themselves together, but right now it’s looking grim, at least for Phoenix1.

Before ending this article, we have to mention G2 Esports as well. After three consecutive EU LCS victories and a 2nd place at MSI, it appears G2’s luck finally ran out. With a 3-3 result, they are still far away from not qualifying for the playoffs, but this is not the G2 we are used to seeing. Most experts still believe they will revitalize during the upcoming weeks and do well in the playoffs.

You can watch the League of Legends Championships every Thursday-Sunday for the next five weeks. Be sure to tune in, so you don’t miss any splendid betting opportunities during these last important weeks!