2016 LCS Summer Split Betting Guide

2016 LCS Summer Split Betting Guide

The LCS summer split kicks off June 2nd and this time, Riot Games have decided on a new format, getting rid of the dreaded best of 1 series. EU LCS will now have BO2 matches while NA LCS will use BO3. Due to this, the NA LCS will now be played over 3 days and EU will stay on the regular 2-day schedule. So LCS will be streamed from Thursday to Sunday with NA starting right after EU on Friday. The Summer split ends July 31st. There is a slew of new teams and players entering this split and we’ll break it all down per region below.

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    EU LCS Summer Split

    After an embarrassing performance at MSI 2016, EU is hoping to redeem themselves and we can already see this on the player imports from Korea. EU did not have any brand new teams qualifying for this split through Challenger, but former Elements were bought up by German football club Schalke 04 which is huge for esports and LoL.

    G2 who won the spring split made some surprising changes to their roster kicking their adc Emperor and support Hybrid. In their place, they have brought in Origen duo Zven and Mithy. G2 may have had a disastrous performance at MSI, but both Emperor and Hybrid found out they were getting kicked before the tournament and the team did not practice because of it.

    Origen lost their bottom duo to G2 but have picked up legendary ADC Forg1ven and previous G2 support Hybrid. How this will play out remains to be seen and if Origen will finally be able to win a split. Fnatic’s star player Yellowstar has returned to the team after having played on TSM last split. Fnatic had a disappointing 3rd place finish last split, Yellowstar is known for being a legendary captain and being reunited with his ADC Rekkles can only be an improvement for them.

    H2K finished 4th last split having lost 2-3 to Fnatic. Since then they have replaced their ADC Forg1ven with Freeze. Team Vitality looked like a top 3 team on paper but fell short in the spring split, hoping to solve this they are bringing 2 Korean players: Mightybear and Police.

    We’ve gone through the roster changes for what should be the top 5 teams. The other teams in EU LCS are Roccat, Schalke 04, Splyce, Unicorns of Love, GIANTS! Gaming. The most interesting one here is Schalke 04 which is bringing in a brand new roster so we have no idea how they’ll perform. Roccat also has a promising roster with 3 new players including Steelback and Korean players Raise and Danang. You can view full rosters over at lolesports.com

    NA LCS Summer Split

    Having finished 2nd at MSI 2016 NA is looking like one of the strongest regions this split. There are 3 new teams in the NA LCS this time: Apex Gaming, Team Envyus and Team Impulse.

    CLG are not making any changes and they shouldn’t after having won the spring split and finishing 2nd at MSI. TSM finished 2nd last split having lost 2-3 to CLG making it the second time in a row the team loses to CLG in the grand finals. With their support player Yellowstar going back to Fnatic they have opted to replace him with Biofrost, an American player who haven’t played in LCS.

    Immortals looked absolutely unstoppable in the spring split with a 17-1 finish, but fell apart in the playoffs and ended up at 3rd place. They have decided to keep all their players and adding more coaching staff for this season hoping to fix what went wrong. Team Liquid have for the past 3 splits finished at 4th place despite plenty of roster changes. This time, they have opted to keep all their players and hopefully avoid the 4th place curse.

    Cloud9 used to be the champions of NA but after replacing their previous captain Hai the team fell apart. Cloud9 have kept Hai on the team and brought him in plenty of times in hopes of fixing their captaining issues. This split they hope to rip the band-aid that is Hai with their new head coach Reapered and also replacing their top player with famous Korean Impact.

    What’s exciting about this split is that there are 3 new teams due to previous organizations having violated LCS rules and having been forced to sell their spots. With Apex Gaming, we finally have legendary support player Xpecial back in the LCS. Team Envyus have put together a brand new roster for their LCS debut. Phoenix1 will also be bringing a whole new roster with both veterans and newcomers. Echo Fox looked like a promising team previous split but was plagued by visa issues preventing them from showing their full potential, luckily this should not be an issue this split. NRG Esports are bringing in 3 LCS veterans: Quas, Santorin, and KiWikid, we have no idea how this roster will play out but it certainly looks interesting.

    LCS Summer Split Betting Information

    All these changes in the LCS are great for the aspiring esports better giving you the options to bet on both BO2 and BO3 and with so many changes in the teams there are bound to be plenty of upsets. In our EU and NA LCS text, we started with the top 5 teams in order and these should be the safest to bet on. The NA LCS will be great if you want to do safe bets as the better team generally wins a BO3. The EU LCS on the other hand with the BO2 format will be more likely to have upsets and you’ll also be able to bet on it ending in a draw. You can view the full LCS schedule at lolesports.com.

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